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Heather Hausenblas, PhD

Heather is ranked in the top 1% of scientists in the world!

This ranking, considered the most prestigious worldwide, is based on the bibliometric information contained in the Scopus database and includes more than 160,000 researchers from the more than 8 million scientists considered to be active worldwide. Read more at PLOS Biology.



Wellness Discovery Labs provides the research needed for products and interventions to display truthful, proven, and objective claims.


Heather speaks on simplifying health and wellness habits to achieve big results.


Heather has authored a bestselling book and journals focused on overcoming illness and achieving personal health and wellness.


Heather’s a trusted health and wellness expert sought after by journalists and influencers for her ability to simplify health topics.

Client Reviews

Heather is so passionate about health and her knowledge is so evident in the way that she speaks. She is so great at articulating her thoughts and makes it so easy to listen and follow along! I have put into practice many tips that Heather shared such as started standing every 30 minutes and putting my phone away 30 minutes/an hour before going to bed.

Brooke H.

Heather’s extended research in exercise science affirmed what we all know to be true, TRUE. Exercise, sleep, food, journaling, and JOY all play in the essential elements for health living. She has the ability to condense years of research into edible bites of common sense. She is engaging, energetic, persuasive, and motivating. Heather brings all her knowledge to the table and we are all better for it!!

Annie – CEO

Dr. Hausenblas is an engaging and motivating speaker.  She does a great job with breaking down the research in understandable terms and applying it to real life situations.  She completes the lecture with techniques you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Danielle T., MEd., LMHC

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