Research Redefined.

The Research component of Wellness Discovery Labs aims to improve people’s well-being by bridging the gap between health-wellness and research. We evaluate the usability, feasibility, effectiveness, efficacy, and consumer preferences of health-wellness products and interventions. Heather and her team of research scientists at Wellness Discovery Labs are based in Jacksonville, FL.

Customized Services

Individualized research synthesis, design, and implementation.

Professional Services

The team has specialized skills and experience in providing reliable and accurate results.

Ethical Commitment

Adherence to established regulatory standards.


With our niche focus, we can provide competitive proposals.

High Quality

We meet your goals and deadlines.

Women Owned

We support raising awareness for why, where, and how to buy Women Owned.

We adhere to Good Clinical Practice guidelines and have Institutional Review Board Certifications to ensure the respect of the study participants’ rights, confidentiality, and safety. We are health-wellness researchers, entrepreneurs, and good people who care about evidence-based health.